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Originally Posted by Baron Greenback View Post
Up until the day he was made Duke of Cambridge, William was technically a commoner (yes, I know how that sounds). He had no title in his own right - he was, and remains, Prince William only because of his dad. It's effectively a courtesy title.

When Charles becomes King, then William will become Prince of Wales in his own right.
Well, no. When Willian was born he was His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales He was never a commoner.

The English "Royals/Peers/Commoner thing is weird and due only to that "Peer" thing. Not every Noble is a peer. Only in the UK would then be considered a "commoner" and generally they are not. Elsewheres they have Royalty, nobles, knights, gentles and then Commoners. In the UK the definition of a "peer" is changing so much that the delineation may no longer be valid.

But even in the UK, a Non-Peer Noble is still a Noble and not a commoner, altho he may sit in the House of Commons.

Baronets and Knights are still "Gentry" and not commoners- altho they may sit in the House of Commons.