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Originally Posted by Nawth Chucka View Post
His reign begins immediately on his mother's death. The coronation is for everyone else to see that he's King and for any other heads of state that care to show their recognition of his accession. It doesn't make him King, divine right/tradition does that.
Maybe, in theory. But only if he is the Rightful Monarch. After all, in several cases the rightful heir never became King and isnt included in the List of Kings & Queens. In other cases they never became Monarchs but were included*- it's all politics.

Edward V of England: Never reigned, never ruled, never was crowned, and according to many was ineligible- but is still considered a "King". (Tudor propaganda)

Lady Jane Grey: was crowned, did reign and rule, was the legit heir (sorta)- but still is "Lady".

Edgar the Aethling was elected, still not considered King.

Edmund de Mortimer was Richard II rightful heir.

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester was Richard III rightful heir.

The legitimate and legal heir of Elizabeth I was Anne Stanley, Countess of Castlehaven.

So, no, the reign doesnt begin immediately on the Ruler's death, if it did, then those five would have been King/Queen.