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Not true. Members of the royal family are often granted such a title upon marriage, but there's no rule that says that they have to be married.
The younger sons of George V were granted dukedoms as young adults; Albert (later George VI) was created Duke of York at 24, Henry became Duke of Gloucester at 28, and George Duke of Kent at 32 (youngest son John died in childhood). Albert and Henry's titles came years before their marriages -- 3 years for Albert, 7 for Henry. George received his title just seven weeks before his marriage to Marina of Greece, which started the trend for marriage and title going together; Elizabeth II followed that trend for her younger sons.

Prior monarchs usually favored giving their younger sons titles soon after they attained adulthood; Queen Victoria's second son Alfred, for example, was created Duke of Edinburgh at 21, and George III's second son Frederick became Duke of York at the same age.