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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So, no, the reign doesnt begin immediately on the Ruler's death, if it did, then those five would have been King/Queen.
In each of the cases you cite (except Edward V), the powers-that-be had decided the "legal" heir wasn't really the heir, and another was expected to become (and did become) monarch at their predecessor's death.

Edward V really was proclaimed king; the announcement that his father's marriage was not valid came several months later, and he was dispossessed of the throne by proclamation of Parliament.

Anne Stanley was the legal heir by the terms of Henry VIII's will, but she had been displaced as heir years before Elizabeth I's death. Charles Somerset's claim to be the rightful heir is dubious at best; he was an illegitimate son of the Duke of Somerset. Edgar Atheling belongs to an era when the succession was not so firmly regulated as it was after the Conquest; he was proclaimed king, but the Witenagemot elected Harold instead. Richard II, at least officially, abdicated in favor of Henry IV, bypassing Edmund de Mortimer, and Henry had been king for months when Richard actually died. As you note, Lady Jane Grey's claim to the throne is less than airtight, since Mary was the heir according to the will of Henry VIII and the Third Succession Act, and the one whom Parliament supported.