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Originally Posted by drewder View Post
Case in point after marriage Prince William suddenly was downgraded to a duke.
A real title of Prince would be for owner of Principality.
In fake a Duke is the owner of the equivalent, of a Principality, a Duchy, which may not be perfectly equivalent but close enough.

Its confusing because some of the british royals do have a duchy. They don't really "rule" the province but its a collection of real estate in the general area. Although they don't really own it, in that they are forbidden from just selling it and buying stocks in Google and Facebook ... they just administer it and they get the small profits as a bonus for administering it properly.

So the Prince of Wales is automatically the Duke of Cornwall too, and there is a cornish Duchy that he/she gets.

But the Prince William Duke of Cambridge has no duchy, and so both titles are stating he is a land owner are both fake, just curtesy titles that the monarch says "Hey, everyone can call him Duke of Cambridge, because I SAY SO !" .. These things are done in Letters Patent..

In fact the title of Duke of Cambridge was just reinvented and not, never to be, passed on through inheritance, and he gets no duchy real estate from either title.

Short answer: You are mistaken about the levels of Prince vs Duke. In fact Only the monarch and the Prince of Wales - as Duke of Cornwall and the duchy in Cornwall automatically attaches to Prince of Wales - have the duchy... Anything else is just a title.