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Originally Posted by aldiboronti View Post
One related question. When Elizabeth II dies does Charles become King at that instant (on the principle of 'the King is dead, long live the King') or does he only actually become the King at the coronation when the crown is placed on his head and he takes the oath? If he died before his coronation would he ever have been King?
It would be highly problematic if it was anything other than instant. It took about 17 months for the current queen to be crowned, and there were a bunch of things that needed doing in that time.

The last monarch to not be crowned was Edward VIII, who abdicated before his coronation (they kept the date and used it for his brother). But he was the king for those 11 months.

Originally Posted by Isilder View Post
But the Prince William Duke of Cambridge has no duchy, and so both titles are stating he is a land owner are both fake, just curtesy titles that the monarch says "Hey, everyone can call him Duke of Cambridge, because I SAY SO !" .. These things are done in Letters Patent..
No, a hereditary dukedom is a legal status, not just a fake courtesy title. It's highly unlikely that the Duke of Cambridge would do this, but he could be elected to the House of Lords, whereas a commoner simply cannot be.

Originally Posted by Isilder View Post
In fact the title of Duke of Cambridge was just reinvented and not, never to be, passed on through inheritance, and he gets no duchy real estate from either title.
The dukedom is actually a hereditary title. It's not likely that it will ever be passed on that way, but if the Duke dies before becoming king, his son George will instantly become the Duke of Cambridge.

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