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The others I understand, but Privy Council? Does he actually sit as a member (or chair) of the Privy councel? (Do they even notify him?)
There are more than 600 members of the Privy Council, which so far as I know never meets in full, except on the death or marriage of the sovereign. Members only attend the particular meetings to which they are summoned, and - to the extent that it functions at all - the Privy Council functions as a series of more-or-less independent committees. The most active committee is the one which formally advises the sovereign to make Orders-in-Council; it meets once or twice a month and the Privy Councillors in attendance will typically be the particular cabinet ministers to whose departmental responsibilities the Orders relate. The Cabinet, technically, is a standing committee of the Privy Council, and there's also the Judicial Committee, whose members are all senior judges, and which functions as a court of appeal for the courts in British colonial possessions (and in some former colonial possessions which have chosen not to abolish the right of appeal to the Privy Council) and from the ecclesiastical courts of England and Wales.