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Titles and styles
21 June 1982 – 29 April 2011: His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales
The answers have illuminated far more than OP's original question, but the above excerpt already points to the solution to OP's dilemma. "Prince William of Wales" is the son of "Charles, Prince of Wales." The reversal of the name and title has a big effect: William is just a Prince associated with Wales, while Charles is its nominal ruler! To change "Prince William" to "Duke William" might have been a demotion (if such a style existed in U.K.) but he became "William Duke."

"Prince" is particularly ambiguous. Just for starters, note that German has two words translated as "Prince." A Fürst (prince) is outranked by a Herzog (duke), while Prinz (prince) is a style applied to children and some grandchildren of a Fürst (or higher).

In the excerpted style for William, it's the "Royal" which reveals his high rank.