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Originally Posted by Archinist View Post
Could you detonate a HE shell inside it's barrel by shooting at it down the barrel?
The fuse isn't active when it's in the barrel so simply hitting the fuse isn't enough at that point. Despite the fuse being at the tip (and other places like on the 120MM MPAT) the detonators aren't. Short of hitting the detonator I wouldn't bet the impact from a small arms round is enough to cause it to explode. Also unless the gun is pointing directly at you the round is likely bouncing on it's way down the barrel further reducing the energy. If it's not concentrating on a target they are about to engage, the barrel is moving around too if they are at all expecting a threat.

Put the last two points together. You really only have a decent shot to try when the barrel is pointing directly at you and the tank is about to engage.

Or stabbing it with a knife?
Is your name Mister Fantastic? Do you have a similar super power? If not your arms aren't remotely long enough to stab the round.

Can you damage the barrel itself by shoving a knife down inside? I read that this is possible on a Quora post with 80 or so upvotes.
I'm not sure that any knife you'll likely have is harder than the surface hardness inside the barrel. The grooves of the rifling are quite a bit deeper than any small scratch you'd get in quickly anyway.

Leaving it inside might work. Something like jamming the tube into mud fully obstructing the barrel tends to result in the barrel needing replacing if the crew fires before cleaning it out. I'm not sure something as small as a knife would be a big enough obstruction. Feel free to try. Be aware the crew will still have a tank that, other than the main gun, is probably fully functional. That crew will be pissed. Not as pissed as if you shot their cooler and sleeping bags up but still...