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Originally Posted by JerrySTL View Post
While a single 20 mm round probably wouldn't do much harm, I wonder about multiple impacts at the same spot? Many aircraft can shoot hundreds of rounds a minute. Of course the tank and aircraft are probably both moving (especially the aircraft) so hitting the same spot more than once could be problematic.
During the early stages of the Eastern Front of World War 2 German 37mm anti-tank guns were completely incapable of penetrating the armor of Soviet T-34 tanks, to the point that one of the Soviet T-34 strategies of dealing with 37mm AT guns was to simply charge them and run them over to conserve ammo since they offered no threat to them. KV-1 heavy tanks also reported incidents where hundreds of 37mm rounds hit them frontally or on the side and the tanks were completely fine. Since modern tanks have many times the protection of those tanks I doubt multiple 20mm hits would do any damage at all except maybe from the very top.