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Originally Posted by bump View Post
A rock wouldn't do much, even if fired from a trebuchet.
Are you sure? Tank armor is designed to protect against HEAT and sabot rounds. A large rock is a very different attack. According to wikipedia, the largest trebuchets could launch a 90 kg rock up to 300 meters. That's an impact velocity of 54 m/s or 120 mph. I wouldn't be surprised if having 200 lb of rock hitting the top of a tank at 120 mph did a lot of damage.
Originally Posted by DinoR View Post
I'm not sure that any knife you'll likely have is harder than the surface hardness inside the barrel. The grooves of the rifling are quite a bit deeper than any small scratch you'd get in quickly anyway.
The Abrams has a smoothbore main gun. Not that it matters - you're not going to be able to do anything to the bore with a knife that will affect it.