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Originally Posted by Quercus View Post
That 90kg is only the summary:

Now we're up to 1.5 tons. Which is a lot less than an 60-ton tank, but the falling impact is going to be a lot more than 1.5 static tons.

I'm no expert, but my wild guess is that a direct hit wouldn't smash the tank flat, but it would have a good chance of messing up the turret bearings, suspension/treads, gun barrels (main and machine), and anything else sticking out of the main armor box.
The rock would definitely not do any damage to the armour itself. Back of the Envelope calculations only, but the 1.5 ton rock would impact with ~2,000 Kj of kinetic energy. A modern sabot round I believe delivers in excess of 12,000 Kj of kinetic energy. Which depending upon where you hit it, an M1 can shrug off.

As you suggest, some of the components might suffer, and I suspect a shaken up crew, but good luck hitting a mobile target like a tank with a trebuchet anyway.

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