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Originally Posted by GreedySmurf View Post
The rock would definitely not do any damage to the armour itself. Back of the Envelope calculations only, but the 1.5 ton rock would impact with ~2,000 Kj of kinetic energy. A modern sabot round I believe delivers in excess of 12,000 Kj of kinetic energy. Which depending upon where you hit it, an M1 can shrug off.

As you suggest, some of the components might suffer, and I suspect a shaken up crew, but good luck hitting a mobile target like a tank with a trebuchet anyway.
You can't just go by KE though. Dropping a Nimitz class aircraft carrier from a height of 2mm onto an Abrams would also be about 2000 kJ, but I'm guessing the Abrams wouldn't drive away from it.

Even if the rock didn't penetrate the armor, the momentum of something so large would probably be a mission kill - if it hits the cannon, that's toast, if it hits the turret, it will probably damage it enough that it couldn't rotate anymore, would probably destroy any road wheels it hit, etc.

I totally agree with the difficulties of hitting a tank from a trebuchet though.