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Actually, the Act of Settlement of 1701 does that. And prior to 2011, Charles would not have become king (either immediately or by coronation) had he disqualified himself or converted to Catholicism.
He still won't. Even as amended by the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, the Act of Settlement says Charles doesn't become king if he "shall hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome or shall profess the Popish Religion." What did change recently is that *Camilla's* religion no longer bars Charles--the 2013 act removes "marrying a papist" as a bar to succession.

(Camilla isn't Catholic anyway, and in the case of the present Duke of Kent the authorities have decided that the subsequent conversion of one's spouse would not affect succession rights, so in Charles's case this is all hypothetical. It does mean that George or Harry, for example, could marry a Catholic without being booted from the succession.)