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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
Ninja-ed on The Forbidden Zone.

How about Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills? With Beverly D'Angelo. One of two notable films with Brion James that year.

Battle Beyond the Stars. The Magnificent Seven in spaaaace. Strangely not listed in recent lists of Seven Samurai remakes/sequels when the most recent Magnificent Seven film came out. It had Robert Freakin' Vaughn in it! He was in the original Magnificent Seven, the TV show version and something called The Magnificent Eleven.

There are two different cuts of Battle Beyond the Stars out there. One is a TV-safe version, where Sybil Danning, the Space Valkyrie, is clad not quite as revealingly. In the other version, her costume is pretty skimpy.

It helps to watch the film in a theater full of bad-movie fans

Space Valkyrie: I'll show you how a Valkyrie can go down!

Theater full of fans: Go Down! Go Down!