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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
There are two different cuts of Battle Beyond the Stars out there. One is a TV-safe version, where Sybil Danning, the Space Valkyrie, is clad not quite as revealingly. In the other version, her costume is pretty skimpy.
The only alt-cut I ever saw was on network TV many years ago. (Remember when the big networks aired movies every week?)

They cut some of Sybil's scenes and for ones she had to be in there was a mysterious dark patch covering certain areas. Like part of her chest was in perpetual shadow. Clearly added on, not filmed that way. If there was a TV version film, why didn't the network use it?*

Fun fact: the SFX were by a newbie called James Cameron. Wonder whatever happened to him.

* Although this does happen. When Animal House first aired on commercial TV, e.g., they bleeped the language in the scene with the horse in the dean's office. Much later, there was a version where the actors are clearly saying different, cleaner, lines.