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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Can the top-ranked guy in the tank change the duties around if he wants? A cousin of mine is a tanker, and has made his way up to fairly high rank (Lt. Col., from what I'm told), so I'm presuming that he would be the boss in any tank he's in... but that cousin absolutely loves to drive, and is quite good at it. Would it be allowed/acceptable for him to just say to the low man on the totem pole "Move over; I'm taking the wheel" (or whatever it is that a tank has)?
A Lt. Col. deciding to drive his own tank would be like a destroyer captain heading down to the engine room because he likes to watch gauges. He'd probably get away with it because no one is there to tell him no, but if anything goes wrong because he was goofing off instead of doing his actual job (battalion commander maybe?) his career would be well and truly screwed.