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So that means that a medieval army could wage a reasonably decent battle against a similar-sized modern army? All they have to do is dog holes in the ground, put leaves over them, and wait for the tanks go fall down the holes.

To prevent any artillery from firing at their important areas, they could just kidnap a civilian group and put them in the area so that artillery and bombs can't be fired at them.

Then they could build fake helicopter landing pads on the ground which look like normal landing pads but are actually mined out with greek fire and gunpowder. Then they can wait until the helicopters land on it and set it on fire.

To prevent the infantry mens to invade the country, they could just dig randomly-placed pits filled with poisonous water with spikes and stuff at the bottom and then cover it with quicksand and cover the area with vegetation so it looks normal. The infantry mens will then fall into the pool and die.

Then for the scare tactics they could use these ideas:

Steal some powerful flashlights/spotlights from the enemy and set up a god statue. Place the spotlights near the god statue and put a curse on the statue. Then place gunpowder near the statue where the enemy will arrive, but not too much that there will be no survivors.

Wait for the enemy to arrive.

First make sure they can see the god statue and read the curse. Then have a man call out on a demonic-sounding trumpet/horn. Activate the spotlights all at once, this will cause the statue to suddenly become 'godly'.

Then quickly set off the gunpowder. Hopefully, most of the enemy will be killed, but a small amount will survive and return to their campsite to tell of the great demonic statue that howled and called down thunder from the skies at them.

The enemy (modern army) will be very confused and will probably believe that the medieval men actually have some sort of supernatural powers.