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Right off the bat, I can tell you that the medieval army is probably not going to be able to hide pits effectively from the modern army, especially not once the modern army knows they're using that tactics. Sure, they look right to human vision, but do they look right in infrared, sonar, and ground-penetrating radar?

And using pits against infantry is right out. Yeah, the first guy might fall in, but then he's going to be pulled right back out by the second guy and the third. And punji sticks aren't nearly as effective when your enemy has antibiotics and first-aid training.

IEDs might work, if (as is likely) the medieval army can manage to steal the materials to make them, but modern armies deal with IEDs so much that there's no way they're going to mistake them for a thunder god. That'd be more likely to work against another medieval army... but there's a reason why you've never read about anyone doing that in the history books.