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Originally Posted by DinoR View Post
I'm not sure that any knife you'll likely have is harder than the surface hardness inside the barrel. The grooves of the rifling are quite a bit deeper than any small scratch you'd get in quickly anyway.

Leaving it inside might work. Something like jamming the tube into mud fully obstructing the barrel tends to result in the barrel needing replacing if the crew fires before cleaning it out. I'm not sure something as small as a knife would be a big enough obstruction. Feel free to try. Be aware the crew will still have a tank that, other than the main gun, is probably fully functional. That crew will be pissed. Not as pissed as if you shot their cooler and sleeping bags up but still...
Is there anything you could pop inside the barrel that would clog it up enough that the thing would jam and cause further damage to the tank?

I'd read in an alt-history book that there was apparently historical precedent from the 1800s for shooting at the ground in front of a cannon in order to throw dirt in the barrel and clog it up.