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Forget what Wikipedia says, right or wrong.

Y'all do know that recordings like the Chipmunks involve multiple recordings, at different speeds and different times, before being combined and transferred to a composite mono or stereo mix, don't you?

The Chipmunks orchestra (rhythm section and whatever sweetening was used) was recorded at normal speed, whatever that was for the recorder used, probably 15ips. David Seville played that back at half, or close-to-half speed, and recorded each chipmunk voice one at a time, probably on separate tracks, at his normal voice register, singing much slower than usual. When played back at 15ips, his voice sounds like a chipmunk.

He overdubbed the "Seville" voice, i.e., "Alvin!!" and other normal-sounding voices at normal tape speeds sometime during the process.

He then mixed, in real time, at normal speed, the multi tracks, to a mono and/or stereo mix for public release, to an intermediate tape, then typically on 45rpm records or as an album, 33 1/3 rpm records.

Is that clear? Cheesh.