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Originally Posted by Me_Billy View Post
The problem is... These other "non-qualified" presidents allowed someone else to give them advice and/or run the country.

Seems to me Trump does not play well with the other kids on the block, so everyone else in an advisory capacity, might just be shut off?
Originally Posted by Si Amigo View Post
Clearly a larger percentage of the people think experience is important.
I didn't quote every post that this applies to, but let's keep the current election out of this. Try the Elections forum or the Pit if you want to talk about Trump and/or Clinton.

The OP asked about presidents with little to no proven political experience, which is a perfectly factual question. Whether or not proven political experience is necessary for a successful presidency is probably a question best left to IMHO or Great Debates.

Let's all work to keep this thread GQ appropriate, please.

ETA: I'll let all of you work out what constitutes proven political experience in this thread, though again, as much as possible, let's try to stick to facts.

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