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I'm not sure how much different military experience is from executive branch experience. The President is at the top of the military chain-of-command ... President --> Sec. of Defense --> Sec. of the Army --> General of the Army ... similarly ... President --> Sec. of State --> Undersec. of State for Asia --> Lacky in the Povertonia Embassy ...

If the Undersec. of State for Asia defies the President, there will be consequences ... kinda like if a Captain defies a Major ...

I would say that military experience is more closely aligned with executive experience than legislative experience ... Obama was the first President from the Congress since JFK/LBJ ... them's a ton of years for sure for sure ...

Unless there's any other President with strictly business experience ... then the second least qualified President would have to be George Washington, since at that time no one had ever held such a position ... no one had any experience for the job.