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Originally Posted by Doug Bowe View Post
The professional machine would have had a fixed speed switch at 7 1/2, 15 and 30 inches per second. Record at 15 and play back at 30.
That was extremely common, if not standard. Same principle as the different tape speeds on VHS VCRs -- record at a high tape speed for better quality, low tape speed to get more on a standard-length reel of tape but at reduced quality.

(Also, it occurs to me, pretty much the same as having different bitrates for mp3s back in the Napster days -- 96kbps was good enough for most people taking hours to pirate a song on a dialup connection to put on their player that had a capacity of tens of megabytes, but if you were fancy and could afford the wait/faster connection and storage space, you'd encode at 328kbps. And also the lossy encoding required to pirate a DVD onto a video CD to sell to your classmates. There just wasn't a physical switch on the player for the digital formats.)