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It depends a lot on your location and budget, but my go-to dip for entertaining is hot crab dip. Where I am located the crab would be Dungeness, but East coast blue crab would work just as well I am sure.

Except for getting the actual crab for the dip it is simple. Some softened cream cheese, sour cream, maybe a bit of mayo, garlic, some diced onions, and whatever seasonings you prefer.

Mix all together except the crab, fold that in last. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and bake it in a bowl or ideally several individual ramekins.

Serve with small rounds of toasted baguette. Small rounds because the dip will last a few seconds longer.

Your guests will love it and you will find yourself asking, "Hey, were did my 50 bucks go?? I only got one bite."

Something like this, except you had better increase the recipe amount or you will have a revolt or family incident on your hands.