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Originally Posted by MrAtoz View Post
My contribution: For about two years in the late 1970s, one of the hottest entertainment acts in the country was the husband and wife mime team of Shields and Yarnell. Apart from Marcel Marceau, it may be difficult to imagine a celebrity mime act. But trust me, for awhile there, Shields and Yarnell were everywhere. They guest-starred on everything from The Muppet Show to The Tonight Show to Wonder Woman, performed for presidents and Queen Elizabeth II, and even had their own variety show for about a month. But who remembers them now?

All celebrities will fade from the public consciousness eventually. But Shields and Yarnell are the only ones that I look back on from my childhood and wonder how they managed to get so famous in the first place. It's hard to imagine an act like that getting that sort of attention today.
They were the subject of a joke on Futurama once, so not totally forgotten. I looked them up after reading your post; Lorene Yarnell died a few years ago, was only 66.

In a similar vein, I'd nominate Rod Hull, an English comedian whose act was to appear with a fake emu under his arm who would then proceed to wreak havoc. Something reminded me of him a year or so ago and I watched a show about him on youtube. Sounds like he wasn't terribly happy, being overshadowed by a puppet and all, and fell on rather lean times. Died in 1999 adjusting the TV aerial on his roof.

Sarah Holcombe is worth a mention as well. She appeared in four movies, two of them (Animal House and Caddyshack) were huge successes. Since Caddyshack, nothing.