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Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
I'd say the most famous people, to me growing up, were the people on TV shows that I used to love. WKRP In Cincinnatti, Simon and Simon, Magnum P.I.. An astonishing number of them disappeared completely - Andy Carlson, Herb Tarlek, Less Nessman, Bailey Quarters, Venus Flytrap...A.J. Simon...Rick, T.C., Higgins - never saw them again in anything that I can recall.
WKRP was one of my favorite shows, as well.

Tim Reid (Venus) starred in several series after WKRP, including (ironically, given your post) Simon & Simon, Frank's Place (created by Hugh Wilson, who also created WKRP), and Sister, Sister. He's been consistently working on TV since, though in supporting roles.

Gary Sandy (Andy Travis) found it difficult to get TV roles as he aged, and transitioned to theater.

Gerald McRaney (Rick on Simon & Simon) starred in Major Dad, and he, too, has been consistently working in TV for the past 30 years.

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