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Originally Posted by Biggirl View Post
I remember Shields and Yarnell. How about Rodney Allen Rippy and Pink Lady and Jeff? Unlike many of the people mentioned so far (like Alan Alda, Tootie Fields and Mary Tyler Moore who still have a presence in media even today) these guys have really disappeared from the public eye.
Pink Lady went back to Japan, and Jeff Altman went back to lounges.

My nomination is Richard Carpenter. He was really talented at arranging music. Even after Karen died, you'd think he'd have a career in scoring movies or something. All of his credits are for single songs that are songs from the Carpenters' era, or documentaries on the duo. Apparently, after Karen's death, he married (a cousin, whose brother had been their road manager, which is just a little creepy, if you ask me), and they have five kids. He's just been a family man since Karen died.