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I was a huge fan of Babylon 5, and learned there about a hot oil dip called bagna cauda. Security Chief Michael Garibaldi made it for his birthday, in memory of his father. It's a northern Italian dip, from the Piedmont region he said.

You really have to like strong flavors, but I adore it.

Warm gently, in the top of a double boiler, equal amounts of butter and olive oil. Say, eight ounces of each. Then add finely minced garlic. The amount can vary, depending on what you like, but I've used at least six cloves. Just before you are ready to serve, stir in, breaking it up, a two ounce tin of anchovies. Keep this mix warm in a fondue pot. You dip chunks of fresh bread and crisp veggies in it. Pieces of bell pepper, tomato, baby carrots, whatever you like.

When this mix cools it sets up, but is still soft enough to spread on fresh Italian bread, and toast in the oven like garlic bread.

Dr. Franklin, on being invited to share this dish with Mr. Garibaldi, looked at it dubiously and said "I can feel my arteries hardening just being in the same room with it." But he ended up really liking it.