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The first time I saw the movie Hart's War (Bruce Willis, Colin Ferrell, WWII movie with plot holes a Sherman could be driven through) was the edited for television version. While most of the movie is horrible there was a scene I found somewhat dramatic and moving. The America P.O.W.s were tossing loaves of bread to their Soviet counterparts who were being treated far less humanely. The Germans guards stop this by shooting the hand of the guy doing the throwing. The leader of the Americans played by Bruce Willis picks up the fallen loaf of bread, utters the censored line "Feed them," (implying that he was directing his second in command that if the Germans shot him dead, the Americans were to continue aiding the Soviet P.O.W.s) and then heroically throws the bread over to their Soviets. I was very disappointed upon viewing the uncensored version of the movie that his actual line was "Fuck them."