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My family used to laugh about these all the time. Some that I still remember:

Caddyshack; Original: "Hey everybody! We're all going to get laid!" TV: "Hey everybody! We're all going to take a shower!"

Weird Science: Original: "But first, let me...butter yer muffin." TV: "But first, let me....better know ya, muffin!"

Sixteen Candles: Original: "No more yankee my wankee - the Donger needs food!" TV: "No more Yankee rum drinkee!"

Smokey and the Bandit: making this one extra great was that the guy they got to dub Jackie Gleason's lines sounded absolutely nothing like him, so every time he said "sumbitch" the sound dropped out and a much deeper bad southern voice said "scum bum"

But our all-time favorite is Casino when it aired on USA Network. They very lazily changed every "fuck" to "freak." Every single one. All Four Hundred and Thirty-Five of them. It's actually surreal, hearing Sharon Stone say "Freak you, you freaking motherfreaker!" Or DeNiro say "Oh Freak Yooou, FREEEEAK YOOOOOUUU!"

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