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Actually, "shtup" is more like Yiddish for "nail" or "boff." It's not quite as offensive as "fuck." No one would ever say "fuck" in front of a child back when I was a child, and they would say "shtup." (Not to children, just let it slip in adult conversations when children were present.) The worst Yiddish word imaginable was apparently "shmuck," which people didn't say in front of children, and which children got their mouths washed out with soap (or at any rate, that was the threat) for saying "shmuck."*

Actually, there was a word for "girl parts" that I never even heard until I was a teenager that maybe was even worse. I'm really not sure.

*My mother only actually washed my mouth out with soap once. She got a small amount of soap on a damp rag and wiped my mouth out with it. It wasn't for any particular word, though. It was for saying something unkind, of which I am now very ashamed, and I think I deserved the punishment. I was also grounded for the rest of the day. I was eight or nine and knew better.