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Originally Posted by Nonsuch View Post
When the Blues Brothers was shown on TV, there was all kinds of swearing dubbed over, but that's not the change that stuck with me. It was during the period when the (ironically Mafia-backed) Italian American Anti-Defamation League was putting pressure on the media not to use the word Mafia, claiming it was an ethnic slur. Consequently, when Jake and Elwood retreat backstage at their concert and Jake says, "My god, the Mafia's out there!" it's clumsily dubbed to "My god, the Mob's out there!"
The one that irks me most from the Blue Brothers is Charles Napier's best line: "yer gonna look pretty damn funny eating corn on the cob....with no fuckin' teeth !" gets hacked to "yer gonna look pretty ... funny eating corn" WTF ???