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Sounds like the OP is mixing up some characteristics of fire ants with crazy ants. The latter likes to invade homes and snuggle in electronics. Never heard of fire ants doing that.

The article Crotalus links to mentions something interesting: former multi-queen colonies are now single queen. The latter is the norm for most species. But when a new type of ant invades an area, the resulting colonies have negligible genetic variation which means that the offspring of different queens don't recognize each other as non-siblings and therefore don't go to war but just mix in with them.

An extreme example of this are Argentine ants which have formed basically one giant single colony in S. California.

Perhaps some mutations have occurred and now different colonies can spot the difference. This results in greater spacing between colonies and hence fewer mounds/acre. But once that happens, the population will again stabilize.

So, maybe the solution to invasive stuff like the Argentine ants is to bring in more ants from the native range to introduce genetic variation.