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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
Most of Texas (even the Gulf Coast region where I lived) gets hard freezes every winter; it's not unusual for DFW to get into the teens a few times.
The Gulf Coast (Houston) tends to get the occasional hard freeze- like a handful of nights per winter where the temperature is below freezing for a few hours in the early morning.

North Texas (Dallas) tends to get frequent temperatures below zero, and often it's below freezing for most of the night. Sometimes we end up with back to back cold fronts, and end up with stretches where the highs are below freezing for a few days and the lows are in the lower teens/upper single digits- the week leading up to the 2011 Super Bowl is a good example- the lows were in the 10-15 F range, and the highs were in the mid-20s, and we had 2-3 bouts of ice/snow through there.

Not particularly terrible winter weather by say... Chicago, Boston or Minneapolis standards, but enough to make a sizeable dent in insect populations.