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Depending on where you are, this may be fairly easy or almost impossible. Some places don't have much in the way of regulations. Other places may require you to submit plans that have been approved by a structural engineer before you can build. You may even have to provide insulation calculations done by a certified engineer to prove that your design is energy efficient in some areas. Make sure you know the legalities of your area before you start this project. At the very least, you'll probably have to adhere to standards like the International Building Code. If you have no idea what that is, then you definitely haven't done anywhere near enough homework to build your own cabin.

As already mentioned, insurance companies may place additional restrictions on your home. Find an insurance company that is willing to work with you and then work together to come up with a building plan that makes both of you happy.

Have a good plan to deal with water (the rain type). Grade the land so that it slopes away from the cabin. Start your first course of logs at least a couple of feet above ground level. Make sure your roof has large overhangs to drop the water as far from the base of the cabin as possible.

Where is this two acres of land located? If you're out in the middle of the woods somewhere, there may not be existing electricity and sewer lines and such to hook into. You may be looking at things like having your own well and septic system and maybe your own generator. Believe it or not, internet can be arranged for places like this in some cases. Some rural internet systems exist that use wireless to daisy chain from one farm or cabin to the next until they get back to civilization. Some of these systems aren't the most reliable in the world though.

If you are close enough to utilities, make sure you know the costs of getting hooked up. If they have to dig a couple of hundred yards of trench to hook you up, that's gonna cost you a lot more.

If you need to use your own well water and put in your own septic, make sure that the ground perks well enough in that area for a decent septic system and also make sure that the groundwater is close enough to the surface that you don't need to drill an excessively deep drill to get your water.

Keeping your cabin shady will also help keep it cool in the summer. As you are clearing your lot for the cabin, make sure you keep shade trees close enough to the cabin. Don't just level everything.

If you are heating your cabin with firewood, 2 acres is about the minimum amount of land you'll need to grow your own firewood, maybe a bit more or less depending on how far north you are and how much heat you need. There's another potential reason to be careful about how much land you clear around your cabin.

Design your cabin with sunlight in mind. Don't just plop it down and hope for the best or you may end up with the sun coming in rather annoyingly through the windows at times, or you'll have favorite rooms that don't get enough sunlight and are dark and gloomy.

Give us more info about exactly what you are planning and we can give better advice.