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Originally Posted by Crafter_Man View Post
Logs are a terrible building material. I strongly consider something more conventional (e.g. brick or siding).
IIRC one of the problems with logs is that as they dry out (which you want for a log cabin) they may split radially, especially depending on speed of drying. Find a professionally built log cabin and a lot of these splits have been filled with some sort of wood filler.

But yes:

-if you have no idea where to start, let alone how to build one properly - you better start studying for a year or three, or hire a pro.

-unless you live in a remote area; odds are a fairly well settled area has zoning laws that require all building plans to be approved, inspected, meet code - specifically so people don't just throw up home-made shacks that are fire-traps, and worse yet, put in heating or electricity that could burn the place down.