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Originally Posted by Yllaria View Post
My parents bought one of these. They didn't construct it, they were, I think, the third owners the house had.

Although they never lost their love for the Rustic Americana look, one thing Mom hadn't expected was that if you have rounded logs on the inside walls, you have to dust the logs regularly, all the way to the ceiling. Their model had a cathedral ceiling in the living room, so they ended up hiring a service.
The StoneMilll homes I linked to offers square logs.

Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Yet another issue is that, especially as the house ages, it'll develop chinks between the logs that let in a draft.
Again StoneMill (and I'm sure there are other builders -- this is the only one I have personal experience with) seems to have considered this. Their chinking remains flexible and they allow for settling, instructing the owner to loosen some bolts, let it settle, then tighten them up again on a periodic basis.

These are not your grandfather's log homes.