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Log cabins are wonderful homes. You should buy a kit. You can use pine logs but you are much better off with some insect resistant wood such as cedar or cypress. You can use hardwood but it will be very expensive. Don't listen to anyone who has not built or lived in a log cabin, they're just repeating some hearsay. Start looking on the internet for information there is tons of it. As logs dry they will shrink, but there are building techniques to deal with this. Kits will eliminate all the concerns with that. You can get logs that have been milled on the interior so you will have flat walls or just line the interior walls with other material so they are flat if that matters to you. For anything but a very small cabin you will have post and beam type trusses to support the roof which will be made from heavy planks. Plumbing is not substantially different from conventional houses, your pipes will just run under the floor. Wiring is a little trickier, mostly you'll just run wiring under the floor as well. Your house won't need any insulation, log cabins have a very high thermal mass which holds the heat more efficiently than insulation in conventional homes. The cost of building varies with the type of wood and size of the cabin. For smaller cabins the cost is no different from conventional framing. As the size goes up the cost increases over conventional construction but you are building something that will last much longer. You will be very happy living in your log cabin.