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Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
I don't think they develop the chinking on their own; you have to add that. (Chinking is the caulking between logs. You're probably thinking of checking.)
To be very technical about it, chinking is blocks and wedges of wood stuck in the gaps between logs for a particular construction style. Mud covers the chinking inside and out to seal the chinking. Over time mud has become synonymous with chinking. The common American style of log cabins used logs squared off on at least 2 sides, which would be the top and bottom of the logs. The logs were notched only enough to hold the structure together and the gaps of several inches were filled with chinking and sealed with mud. Most modern log cabins and other traditional styles are constructed without those gaps and the mud is just used to seal the crack or sometimes just for decoration. Mud was not just some wet dirt, it would have been clay or plaster in the past and now is almost always a flexible synthetic material.