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I will describe the experience a friend of mine had. He is a college professor, meaning he had free time all summer. He was experienced with a chain saw. His property was heavily wooded. After he decided where the house would be, he cut down all the trees on that part of the lot. He took away all the limbs and let the trunks dry for a couple years. Then he dug out a trench, lined it with plastic, filled it with preservative and put the logs (cut into convenient lengths) in the bath until he had done all of them. I don't know how long they sat in the bath nor what he did with the preservative after.

That done, he hired someone to destump the land, dig a space for a basement, lay a foundation and basement walls. Then, and only then, he hired a couple of locals who had done this many times before, to actually build it, leave spaces for doors and windows, fill in the chinks erect roof beams and all those things a layman will not know how to do. They did a super job.

The houses nearby had telephone and electricity and he was able to hook up to them. There was no water or sewage. So has a septic tank and he hired a contractor to dig a well. He got some water, not much, from the well and it tested high in arsenic. So he gave up on the well and gets his wash and toilet water from the lake he is on, while for drinking water he fills five gallon carboys at the nearest town. This is a headache since they are in a heavy snow area and the private dirt road around the lake has to be plowed continually. Also regraded every spring. Still he manages to live there over all vacations and even now, when all his teaching is on Mondays and Wednesdays, he and his wife are there for at least half of every week. It is extremely comfortable, but the water situation would drive me nuts.