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Originally Posted by astro View Post
In the few scenarios I have seen people do this the finished cost of the log home was more than a stick built so there is little to no cost savings time and material wise. It was the style they wanted.

As others mentioned if you have no experience building a house the material of the house is secondary at this point you first need to nail down the county and state code requirements for zoning, setbacks, well and septic, and a laundry list of structural, electrical, plumbing and related construction codes you will have to follow.

You're talking about this like it's going to be a fun project, but effectively you are building a code compliant residence using non-traditional materials and neither one of you has significant residential construction experience. It can be done but do not underestimate the cost, time and complexity of what you re undertaking.
Agreed with this. If you're just building a real cabin which is little more than some walls to keep out the wind and a roof to keep out the rain where you can camp rustically a few weeks every year, then that can be pretty cheap. If you want something that meets building codes with electricity and running water and a building loan, that's a whole other kettle of worms.