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Originally Posted by Nars Glinley View Post
If it is indistinguishable from love, then it is love.
Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Do humans feel love?

If human beings feel love, then dogs feel love.
Some really nice sentiments there, and I agree.

I should perhaps add that we have to be conscious of not anthropomorphizing dogs and regarding them as human, because they're not (I understand that neither of you are doing this, I'm just making that point) but that's not a fault but simply a difference. To attribute to dogs the character of humanity does a disservice to both, and obscures the fact that each has admirable traits that would benefit the other.

I should also mention that my comment in #2 about Bernese Mountain Dogs bonding for life was not meant to single out the Bernese and just came from my deep affection for my own beloved Bernese, and there's no doubt that all breeds have some element of this, perhaps some even more.