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To understand how much a dog can love their owner, and that it goes beyond treats, all you have to do is read the story of Hachikō, the famous Japanese dog that kept going to meet his owner at the train station for 8 years after his owner died. The dog went back to the same exact spot that the owner was supposed to meet him at, hoping to see him get off the train every single day. And the children of the man did try to adopt him but he ran away and went back to the station. He had to keep looking for his owner. So sad.

Some dogs are more loyal than others I had a border collie that didn't want anyone else to walk him except for me and my partner. His favorite toy was a frisbee and if someone else threw it, besides me or my partner, he wouldn't fetch it. Whenever I left him at the kennel the people said he never warmed up to them, they threw the frisbee at him and it just hit him in the head and fell to the ground. Just moped all day and didn't want to go for walks. That's why its so sad when you see a dog at a pound, desperately looking at the door hoping the next person that walks in is the owner coming back to get them. Dogs are full of love its people who aren't disloyal or unloving.

I have two border collies now, and they both have different attitudes. One likes to be walked by other people especially men, I guess he feels more alpha with a man walking him. The other one, if I hand a leash over to someone will walk with them reluctantly but keeps looking back at me and wanting to get away.