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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
Another anecdote: When I had to go to the hospital for a few days, I returned to my parents' home where they were taking care of my dog. I got settled on the couch and she came and sat right in front of me and kept offering her paw for me to hold. Even though I'd only been gone for four or five days, she didn't leave me for at least 2 1/2 hours. She kept alternately lying down in front of the couch and rising up to give me her paw.
DesertRoomie had a dog that I would say loved her. Three days after he was born, when she would kneel by the whelping pan he would leave his mother and crawl over to the side where she was kneeling. Now, at three days his eyes were not even open yet so we're not sure how he sensed her presence, but sense it he did. None of the rest of the litter of nine would do that, and he did not respond when I was by the pan.

Similar to your story, when he was grown there were times -- not just when she was feeling unwell -- he would come over to her and offer his paw. The unique part was he would do this when she was reading or sitting at the computer. He would put his paw on her hand so that it was over her index metacarpal knuckle with the knuckle in the space between his main pad and the toe pads. Then he'd flex his toes, squeezing the knuckle ever so slightly. Lacking a thumb, it was the closest he could get to holding her hand.