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Originally Posted by Dobbs View Post
Vandenberg is an Air Force base. You can't just show up with a rocket and say "We'd like to use your launch pad".
Vanderberg Air Force Base launches privately-owned rockets all the time:

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Space activities today are run under the 30thSpace Wing. It not only hosts launches for the Air Force and the Department of Defense, but also NASA and several private industries. Common rockets that launch from the facility include the Atlas V, Delta IV, Delta II, Falcon, Minotaur, Pegasus and Taurus. The facility is also known to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles for testing purposes. SpaceX is also expected to start using the facility for launches in the near future.

SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, etc. all use Vandenberg. It's not quite like using the Post Office - I'm sure you have to sign a contract and pay the Air Force for the use of the facility, but it's not like Vandenberg only launches military, U.S. government, or even only U.S.-owned satellites.