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Originally Posted by SmartAlecCat View Post
The other way around. For global Earth monitoring, you probably want a sun synchronous low polar orbit. Those usually launch from Vandenberg.
It depends on the specific mission requirements of the observation mission. For instance, the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) is launched at a ~35 azimuth. Sun synch orbits are good for collecting information on a daily basis, but if you want longer term climate data at specified intervals, or regualr observation of dynamic climate events you may want a different orbital configuration.
Originally Posted by usedtobe View Post
I'd bet that Mr. Musk, if push came to shove, could figure out how to friggin' Launch from SpaceX's Pacific barge and land on the Atlantic barge.

Or ship a rocket down to French Guyana with a note: Please insert attached satellite into the following orbit: ...
(this is where the Ariana family takes flight)
This doesn't even make sense. Even if overflight of CONUS were permitted, Falcon 9 Stage 1 can't fly from Pacific to Atlantic, unless they were flying across Panama. And US launch providers are required to get FAA commercial approval even if launching from a foreign site.


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