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Governor Brown clearly doesn't understand either the cost or logistical considerations involved in California alone trying to maintain an Earth surveillance system, and it would probably make sense to 'team' with ESA or JAXA to provide both additional funding and technical capability as well as international launch locations
I think you're reading too much into a one-sentence quip, and that his statement doesn't necessarily exclude a partnership of some kind. The context was just that California can have its own earth science program independent of NASA or the Feds. He didn't say that it would be launched from California soil, or that it would be literally constructed only by Californians, or that it would be solely funded by California.

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A CubeSat or similar smallsat can be developed for a few million dollars
Much less than that, as long as it doesn't do much. Including launch, our first cubesat cost <$250k. Launch was about $85k including ISS deployment. Our second one--which didn't make orbit--was just a few tens of $k.