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Originally Posted by watchwolf49 View Post
Why would the FAA have jurisdiction in Chinese airspace ... do you mean State Department approval for commercial activities in foreign countries?
Not State Department; Federal Aviation Administration licensing for launches by US flag companies even if operating on foriegn launch facilities, the intent being preventing US companies from circumventing safety or liability just by offshoring their launch. That is part of what has kept SpaceX launching from the US rather than a geographically preferable site.

Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Much less than that, as long as it doesn't do much. Including launch, our first cubesat cost <$250k. Launch was about $85k including ISS deployment. Our second one--which didn't make orbit--was just a few tens of $k.
I'm referring to a 6U or larger sats that are capable of carrying and powering larger and more complex scientific instrumentation. Although the cheaper 2U and 3U forms can be developed quickly and inexpensively using the higher risk build-fly-learn approach, the capabilities and lifespan of such systems are pretty limited. They are mostly useful in the context of single function missions or in flock configurations of collecting masses of lower fidelity data and get cheap or free rides as secondary payloads, and aren't really capable of meeting even the minimum requirements for NOAA type climate and weather surveillance missions.