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Originally Posted by wevets View Post
Why would he care what launch contracts the Air Force enters into? Has any President in the past ever stopped the Air Force from signing a launch contract?

And even if he did care, what's to stop California from using Kourou in the French Guiana or Baikonur in Kazakhstan? Neither of those launch facilities are purely government-use only either.

No, Stranger on a Train has it right - a launch facility is the least of the barriers to California launching a satellite - and the real barrier is cost of construction of the satellite and monitoring system. It would make a lot more sense for California to simply partner with the European Space Agency on existing Earth observation missions like Envisat.
I don't disagree with any particular point you raise.

But, if Trump tells NASA 'no climate change research', and if CA says 'we'll do it ourselves and we'll do it from VAFB', Trump could say 'not from my AFB', and he could make it stick.

I am not claiming I can predict what Trump will do, and think that any one who does is silly.

Yes, CA could build, or cause to be built, a bird, and yes, they could get it into orbit, by a coupla different paths. The only barrier is money, something they don't have a lot of sitting around waiting for a use. But if, for some reason, they want to do it all in state, Trump can make it a little more expensive.